Natural Disasters v Human Disasters

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This is a photo of the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa, taken on the 4th of December this year. 〰️ Swipe across to see what the waterfall looked like in January 👉 〰️ "In previous years, when it gets dry, it's not to this extent. This is our first experience of seeing it like this," said Dominic Nyambe, a seller of tourist handicrafts in the area. 〰️ Yet scientists are cautious about categorically blaming climate change. There is always seasonal variation in levels. 〰️ "It's sometimes difficult to say this is because of climate change because droughts have always occurred… If they become more frequent, then you can start saying, OK, this may be climate change," said hydrologist Harald Kling. 〰️ For more on this story, head to our link in bio 🔗 📸 Reuters: Mike Hutchings #drought #waterfall #waterfalls #landscape #africa #africatourism #travelgram #zambia #victoriafalls #climatechange #australia

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Abyss of hell

NSW bushfires.

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Remembering Pearl Harbor, 78 years later.

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78 years Ago Pearl Harbour. World War II fight for freedom – helped 🇨🇳

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[六月至十二月] 上 整整半年,從當初的反對逃犯條例到今天的五大訴求,當中港共政府可謂出了不少力氣,功不可沒。 正是因為政府不理民意,堅持進行二讀,導致示威者行動升級。再加上警察濫暴,滿口謊言,導致民怨沸騰,一發不可收拾。 十二月了,如果我們繼續卻步,將小小的勝利放大的話,就落入了港共政府的圈套,永不翻身。這一幕幕,香港人付出血汗的畫面,你今生今世能夠忘記嗎? 記住 如果你今天不出來,往後今生今世再也出不來!你甘願做中共的奴隸,被窄壓盡後,再被同化,做個沒有自由和人權的人嗎? 請不要放棄香港人的身份和權利,做個被養在豬欄裏的豬。 願 我們做個真正的自由人。 12.8 香港人!一起走上街頭,絕不低頭!絕不屈服!維園見! #五大訴求缺一不可 #光復香港時代革命 #香港人反抗 #義士無罪撤銷控罪 #願義士得到安息 #721唔見人831打死人101槍殺人 #還我真相 #我要真普選 #解散警隊刻不容緩 #重組政府刻不容緩

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2019 Human Disasters created by Totalitarian Regime – 🇨🇳

How ironic that the oppressed becomes the oppressor and is threatening the world.

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【第一部宣傳12.8國際人權日遊行文宣片上線!!! 】 反送中運動由6月至今經歷半年,由6月9日香港103萬人上街,6月16日200萬+1人上街,之後到各式各樣的抗爭運動,各地開花。 緃然警方自7.21起多次無理打壓香港人集會遊行自由,民陣12.8 國際人權日遊行終獲取得久違了的警方不反對通知書。這是區議會選舉、人權法案通過後,一個很好的機會向國際社會表達香港人對抗警暴、爭取落實五大訴求不變的決心。 人數永遠是一個好好的證明民意所在! 12月8日 3點 維園見 五大訴求 決一不可 光復香港 時代革命 Credit to: Sky Wong @HKGETV

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Instagram A Great Experience

Instagram is a great tool for selling products. In particular I have discovered #australianmade #australiangrown that really can promote and help local businesses to get exposure. Art is also prolific, some artistic medium might be very unexpected.

Cutie animal too

Heart warming stories

Join and explore.

It’s a more relaxing time than twitter. You can even direct message your politician and give him your piece of mind. With twitter unless the message tool is open to all, it’s not possible.

The fun part is, you put in your factual opinion on a piece of news, then a hot argument started around your opinion. Whereas I have already moved on. Not at all interested in the discussion anymore.

PressReader Free From Libraries

What happens if you want to read a piece of news, Bang, please subscribe. Notably nothing is free. Pay up and enjoy or go away and grieve.

There is one easy way..check your local library, subscribe and get a library card. You will be amazed at the online resources available to you.

Your library might have PressReader made available. Free is because you have paid your due by council fees, or taxes. Do not forgo your rights of reading free magazines and newspapers.

Save Our Hong Kong Kids No Tear Gases

Little HK Kids at a Kids and grannies rally on 11.30.2019.

As usual HK Government and HK Police just did another trigger happy tear gases party.

It was an approved rally. When the rally became a spectacular rally, HK Police turned it into an illegal rally and dispersed the crowds.

It was a thank you USA for the passing of the HK Humanitarian and Democracy Act .

Australian Farmers Life’s Tough – Keep Going

Droughts and bushfires threaten Scenic Rim farmers. Aussies give it a fight, open up a Sunday Market to help fund themselves survive through Christmas 2019. These farmers are urging folks from the city to visit and give them a boost.

Let the sun shine, folks, get some healthy produce home, be delighted that your deeds have brought some joy to the desolate 💕.

For those afar, if you cannot visit, say a little prayer and ask the angels to bring rain to the farmers.

Australians Your Kids At Risks

Chinese company Landbridge had been awarded a 99-year lease of Darwin port in a $500 million deal. (2015)

5 August 2019

Labor’s Nick Champion leading charge to ‘nationalise’ Darwin Port in a view shared across the political divide

Push comes amid concerns over Beijing’s steady military build-up in the Indo-Pacific region

Mr Champion rejects suggestions move to nationalise the port would unnecessarily anger China

Melbourne metro MTM

Melbourne’s metropolitan rail service is operated by Metro Trains Melbourne Pty. Ltd. (MTM). MTM is a consortium of rail and construction businesses comprising HK MTR Corporation (60% shareholding), Australia’s John Holland Group and UGL Rail, a division of United Group Limited.

MTM took over the operation of Melbourne’s metropolitan train network on 30 November 2009, taking up an 8-year operation and maintenance concession. On 12 September 2017, the Victorian State Government in Australia extended the concession for a further seven years, covering the period from 2017 to 2024 and included a up to a three-year extension option. MTM’s train network has 15 lines operating across 409km of track with 222 stations.

Australia’s water market

Australia’s water market should be more closely monitored after it emerged China is the largest foreign stakeholder, experts say.

The Federal Government in March revealed that 10.4 per cent of Australian water rights are owned by foreign individuals or companies.

Chinese investors own 732 gigalitres or 1.89 per cent of the water on the market – an amount more than Sydney Harbour which holds 500 gigalitres.

In close second, Americans own 720 gigalitres (1.86 per cent) while British buyers own 414 gigalitres or 1.1 per cent.

We need to know who owns our land and who owns our water Professor Quentin Grafton 

Merredin Airport Western Australia

31 Jan 2019Clive Palmer has blasted the WA Government for allowing Chinese control of Australian airports.

“It should ring alarm bells for all Australians that the WA Labor Government has allowed Merredin Airport to transfer into Chinese ownership, meaning Australian aircraft need Chinese permission to land on their own soil,” Mr Palmer said.

“It is in breach of the Airports Act and seriously goes against the obligations of the WA Government to protect Australians and Australian assets.

Dairy – Australians staple food

Farmers Union Iced Coffee is a South Australian brand owned by Japanese company Kirin

China Mengniu Dairy has announced it will take over Lion Dairy & Drinks brands

The sale has angered many consumers, but the SA Dairyfarmers’ Association says it will be good for business

The proposed takeover needs to be approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) before it can be finalised.

Mengniu said it is expecting to obtain approval from the regulators in the first half of 2020.

Problem possible “white terror” affecting voting in local councils & State & Federal policies.

Wynyard Development

28 August 2019 –

AMP Capital, on behalf of Hong Kong’s central banking institution, has upped its stake in the $1.8 billion Wynyard Place development in Sydney’s CBD to 75 per cent in a deal understood to be worth $450 million

Many other Coal mines, land deals.

A short summary of how China is buying into Australia, increasingly controlling the daily lives of Australia.

Yes. Australians should be aware the possibility of becoming Hong Kong v2.

21 Nov 2019- sums up China’s aim of all business deals

WA Mark McGowan